Sunday, May 3, 2020

Disney Magic #84 - Shakespeare's Lion Theatre Part II

We're jumping right back into the straight-to-video sequels with The Lion King II: Simba's Pride, which for some reason is a lot of people's favorite Disney sequel. Does it stand above the world of the straight to video sequels as the one true good one, or is it actually just like all the rest? Let's return once again to Pride Rock.

Disney Magic #83 - Dinosaurs vs. Technical Difficulties

Unfortunately, this latest episode of The Disney Magic Podcast was plagued by audio difficulties. We have worked to smooth things out as much as possible, but you will still be able to tell some of the issues we had trying to get this particular episode to you. (As an apology, we will also be posting episode #84 simultaneously so you get at least one episode that's easier to listen to.)

Still, it's worth addressing The Good Dinosaur, as it's one of the biggest misfires in the entire Pixar lineup. Everything that it's customary for Pixar to hit out of the park feels like it didn't come together on this one. We break down what could have happened and why the pieces of this particular puzzle never come together quite right to form a real picture.

Saturday, April 11, 2020

Disney Magic #82: What if Feelings Had Feelings?

Pixar has gone from the depths of the ocean, to the far reaches of space, and now they're going inside the mind of a middle school girl.  We get five main characters that, by definition, should be the most one dimensional character to ever get put into a movie, and yet, somehow it's one of Pixar's deepest and most thought provoking movies yet.