Sunday, July 1, 2012

Weeky Disney Roundup: July 1, 2012

The first Paperman stills are out, the short that's going to be in front of Wreck-it Ralph. It looks really beautiful! The texture of the art especially strikes me as something unique and lovely. There's more here!

I'll warn you in advance, this will probably make you cry.

The Disney Designer Villains promo images came out this week, these are the journals with the designs on them but of course there are dolls and other merch as well. Images here! The designs are lovely but I must say I really don't like Ursula's dramatic change of body type. Also, I would have liked guys! Male villains can be fashionable too!

Speaking of redesigns, the princesses recently got a bit of a new look! Lots of hair, mostly. I'm pretty happy with the redesign personally, it's always nice to see something different than the same 3 pieces of clip art for each princess haha. It's also really nice to see Ariel in green! Although that's been changed for some of the merchandise of seen. Not keen on that weird random sticking out strand of hair on Jasmine though. It's just weird.


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