Sunday, March 4, 2012

Weekly Disney Roundup: March 4, 2012

So Disney had developed, created, and even soft-opened an exhibit at Epcot called Habit Heroes that was suddenly shut down indefinitely this week. Basically it made a bunch of fat villains that threatened to make you fat and evil like them unless you danced. Yeah. This is pretty ridiculous to be honest, I'm surprised a project like this got this far. There's more info about the actual exhibit here and more about the problems with it here.

A redditor shared this photo of Disneyland's Space Mountain with the lights on and proved that it does not consist of space or a mountain. Very depressing indeed. Source.

Why yes, that is a photo of Neil Degrasse Tyson posing with Pluto. The irony and awesomeness are not lost on me.

This has been circulating around Tumblr and it doesn't stop being hilarious and extremely depressing at the same time.

I love this. People are really big about choosing favorites and fighting over which park is better, it's really lovely to see them united in awesome :D (I'm just going to entirely ignore all of the youtube comments because they completely missed the point, as is typical of youtube comments) It was also for kicking off One More Disney day! 24 hours in a Disney park must be exhausting but I'm still so jealous of those who got to go!


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