Monday, March 19, 2012

The Many Appearances of the Aracuan Bird

As we make our way through the Disney Lineup, I think that one of our favorite discoveries has been the Aracuan Bird, a wildly crazy bird that appeared in The Three Caballeros and seemed to exist only to make life difficult for Donald Duck. Needless to say, everyone was thrilled when the crazy bird returned for a segment in Melody Time called "Blame it on the Samba."

So I began to wonder if perhaps there wasn't another time when the Aracuan Bird might have been featured in another movie or perhaps a short. So I took to the internet and as luck would have it I found not one but two shorts featuring the Aracuan Bird.

Clown of the Jungle

The first of the two was from 1947 which actually places it between his appearances in The Three Caballeros and Melody Time. Again, Donald Duck is the main subject of the bird's tormenting as his attempts to photograph the birdlife of the jungle are constantly foiled by the Aracuan's madcap interferences. This short has actually proven to be popular around the world and in Norway & Sweden it is shown as a part of From All of Us to All of You, a Disney Christmas Special that airs every year on Christmas Eve.

Bird Brained Donald

The second short that featured the Aracuan Bird came from 2000 as part of Mickey Mouse Works and later Disney's House of Mouse and this time features Donald trying to get a picture of the Aracuan Bird for Daisy Duck, and as expected, failing miserably. Unfortunately, the Bird does not sing his trademark song in this short but it's tune can still be heard in the background throughout.

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