Friday, September 23, 2011

Disney Magic #2: 50 movies in 1 hour

In this episode, Megan and Joel explore the 50 movies in the "Disney Theatrical Animated Movies" in preparation of their 50 part series.

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  1. I'm fairly certain being friends with both of you these past years have made me much more of a Disney fan than I would have been.

    I am so excited for in 40 something weeks when you do Mulan. So excite.

  2. @Claire We are pretty big Disney nerds, thanks for joining in on our pixie dust habit haha.

    I'm excited for Mulan too. Although that one might just be an hour of Joel and I singing "Be a Man" for an hour.

  3. You skipped Winnie the Pooh! :-O Did you go see the remake this summer?

  4. @Megan! :D

    We did! We thought we'd get through these 50 first because 51 is an awkward number haha. I did see the new one, it was super cute :D

    Yes, yes he is! I totally forgot.

  5. I talk to your podcasts all the time hahaha Is that weird?
    My roommate thinks I'm crazy