Thursday, September 22, 2011

Disney Magic #1: A Few of Our Favorite Things

In the inaugural episode of Disney Magic, Megan and Joel explore their love of all things Disney through a self-made questionare. Questions include:
Favorite Movie
Favorite Character (not from your favorite movie)
Favorite Original character (Mickey and Friends)
Favorite Disney Princess
Favorite Villain
Favorite Song
Disney World Park
Favorite Disney TV Show
Favorite Live Action Disney Movie
First movie you remember seeing
"Special Memory"
Most Overlooked Disney Movie

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  1. You guys crack me up! Though there was not ONE reference to Beauty and the Beast, I'll forgive you and keep listening :)

  2. Also! I think there should be an incentive for podcast listeners. Whoever listens to EVERY podcast in its entirety will join you 2 on a trip to Disneyworld. Dead serious! :)

  3. @Megan! :D

    Ahaha thank you for forgiving us. We do really love Beauty and the Beast, we promise!

    Oh man, we wish!

  4. I literally typed the Beauty and th Beast thing down seconds before ya'll realized it on the podcast. It was sooooo funny. I was like "HMP! No B&tB" Then Joel goes "WE DIDN"T TALK ABOUT B&tB!!!" I died laughing